Whether you have been in the medical industry for several decades or you have recently graduated, becoming an agency nurse can transform both your job and your lifestyle, helping to improve your work/life balance. There are a plethora of worthy reasons as to why you should consider taking the route to becoming an agency nurse. From flexible hours to around the clock support, there are many aspects of agency nurse work that is desirable. We have devised a list of the top 5 reasons as to why you may want to consider making the career change and opting to work for a medical recruitment agency.

The Top Benefits of Becoming an Agency Nurse

Before we run through the benefits of becoming an agency nurse, here is some advice on how to specifically choose the right medical recruitment agency for you. It is advised to find an agency which largely focuses on the type of jobs you are looking to do. Not only with the agency be able to you find eligible jobs easier, but your chances of finding employment quickly will be increased.

Make sure that before you apply, you know precisely what sort of role you are looking for and how many hours you can commit to. Carefully consider the type of work you are looking to do, whether this be similar to your current work or something entirely new. Think about whether you would rather work in a care home, hospital or another care facility. You then need to think about the number and type of shifts you would prefer to work, taking into consideration your lifestyle and family commitments.

You also need to take into account whether you would prefer to go with a local or a national agency. If you are flexible about the location of your work, then opting for a national agency could be the ideal option for you. Decide how far you are willing to travel and look into alternative methods of transport; that way you can shortlist the agencies that fit your criteria. Now that you are aware of what you should take into consideration before applying to a medical recruitment agency, here are just a few of the benefits of becoming an agency nurse.


1. Flexible Hours

This is a desirable element of the job if you have commitments at home, young children or are easing your way into retirement. Flexibility is one of the chief reasons as to why individuals take on temporary positions. For nurses with young children, this is a way of being able to take time off during school holidays and spend more time with families. If you have got to the point where you are considering retiring, then becoming an agency nurse is a great way to significantly reduce your hours whilst not altogether giving up work. You have complete control over your shifts and can choose the hours you work to fit around your lifestyle. Working with an agency means there are no maximum or minimum hours set.

2. Around the Clock Support

One of the exclusive benefits of becoming an agency nurse is having the dedicated support from your consultant, providing 24/7 assistance and guidance. The role of your specific consultant is to take the stress out of your job, allowing you to perform your nursing obligations to the best of your ability. Your dedicated consultant will source all of your shifts to explicitly meet your requirements and availabilities.

3. Career Development

There is a wealth of opportunities enabling you to develop your career through agency nursing. In this job, you may be able to take on placements that aren’t limited to one area. Working with a variety of colleagues and patients will help you to gain a more comprehensive and valuable set of skills. Stagnating in the same setting for a long period can cause certain skills to go unused and forgotten about.

However, working in various workplaces can cause you to redevelop and reignite some of those forgotten-about skillsets. This will benefit you on the whole as a nurse, making both your life easier, your patients’ lives easier and helping you to progress up the career ladder. Being a part of a medical recruitment agency will also provide you with access to valuable resources and additional training to further advance your profession.

4. Competitive Pay

Becoming a nursing locum can considerably increase your pay rates in comparison to permanent positions. Many agencies are now also offering weekly pay rather than monthly which is a much desirable trait for some employees. The prospect of competitive pay rates plus additional holiday pay is an appealing aspect of becoming an agency nurse.

5. Variety of Working Environments

If you have been working in the same facility for a number of years, then you may be looking for a change of scenery. Working for an agency means you will never become tired of seeing the same settings and provides you with the opportunity to trial run the next steps in your new career.

A considerable part of the job is meeting new people. And when you’re constantly moving to different geographic locations, the number of people you are going to meet and engage with will rapidly increase. However, if you particularly enjoy working in one placement, your consultant can take this into consideration and arrange for the majority of your shifts to be at a specific location.

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There is no doubt in saying some individuals may not suit the lifestyle agency nursing offers, but there are many people out there have not yet given it a go. Having the control over your work life and managing to schedule shifts around your private life is only going to help increase your work/life balance. Being a locum nurse allows you to combine your family life with your work. It gives you the freedom and opportunity to adapt your work needs to your family needs. If you are looking for either temporary or permanent nursing positions within an agency, then get in touch with our team today to find out more.

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