Every job and company that you work for will be extremely different, from job titles and daily tasks, to pay and working environments. Depending on what you are looking for will have a dramatic impact on whether you work in the NHS or within the private sector. It is important to take everything into consideration to make sure that you start in a career in a location that makes you happy. To help you decide which route is best for you, here are some of the different factors that need to be taken into an account when working for the NHS vs private sector.

NHS vs Private: Which One’s For You?

Regardless of whether you choose to work in a private clinic/hospital or for the NHS, your job will have an abundance of rewarding qualities and benefits. Putting a smile on a patients face even when the going gets tough is a quality that can dramatically change someone’s experience. Although the personal reward is the same within the NHS and private sector, the responsibilities, training and regulations will be significantly different. Along with these differences, you may also encounter other factors such as the following:

  • Job Security
  • Salary
  • Career Opportunities
  • Work Load
  • Overtime
  • Help With Job Hunting

Acknowledging these advantages and disadvantages will factor into your decision and the reasons you pick a career within a specific sector. Here are the array of benefits and drawbacks to working within the NHS and private hospitals and clinics.

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Help With Job Hunting

When already placed within a job, or not knowing what opportunities are out there, finding the perfect job can become a stressful and strenuous task. However, with the abundance of help that our specialists can provide, you can be sure to find your dream job that takes all your requirements into consideration. Luckily, finding jobs for both public and private sectors is made easy with healthcare agencies. Employers seek the assistance of agencies such as Medical-Locums Group for healthcare staffing; this gives candidates the opportunity to find nursing jobs suited to them.

There are a number of benefits to using an agency service, some of which include the following:

  • Tailored Job Search – Agencies are trained in researching jobs and connecting candidates to positions that best suit their needs; meaning no time is wasted having interviews for jobs that do not accommodate you.
  • Support – Not only do agencies help you find jobs, but they can also help you market and present yourself to the employers.
  • Feedback – When your interview is sadly unsuccessful, agencies are able to give you feedback so that you are aware of what points you need to improve on for next time.

If you are looking for nursing jobs within the private sector, then becoming a Locum nurse can provide you with an array of opportunities and career paths. Contact our team today for more information and start planning your career.

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Job Security

Within any job position, job security is something that everyone seeks and relies on to maintain a healthy and stress-free work life. Relias Media claims that job insecurity can actually cause employees to become stressed and paranoid, which not only has an effect on the quality of work but also on their mental state. For this reason, finding a job in which you know there is some level of job security, will give you peace of mind that you won’t have to worry about financial stability due to limited work.

There are many paths that private nurses can take, meaning that there will always be the opportunity to find a job. Medical-Locums Group can help you to find a position best suited to you, with a reliable and trustworthy company. Although it is extremely unfortunate, there will always be someone that needs care, and for this reason, your job role and skills make you extremely indispensable. The private sector gives you the opportunity to learn new skills, making you extremely valuable to your employer.

Although the NHS is funded by the government, it does not necessarily mean that job security is a given. The NHS is constantly being debated in parliament, and while some may want to increase the number of jobs for nurses, others want to remove the NHS altogether. For this reason, when you start your career, it is important that you stay calm and focus on your role. Educba has a helpful guide decreasing your level of stress caused by job insecurity, which can help you remain at your best and continue helping patients.


Within the private sector, you can see your salary increase with the more skills you acquire and the life experiences that you gain. The added benefit of the private sector is that you are able to negotiate your salary and pay is dependant on experience, knowledge and expertise, which means that you are able to ask for a higher salary. When having qualifications and other professional skills and training, you may find that the private sector provides you with a higher salary.

Something that you may not be aware of is the fact that not everyone will be paid overtime. Unfortunately, overtime is not a luxury that everyone can have, and only certain individuals within the public sector are eligible for overtime pay. If you are a member of the senior staff, then there are no conditions in which you will be paid overtime; this will mean that although you can progress in your career, you may find that some benefits are reduced. However, when working in the private sector, most companies will pay you overtime for your work, and this is not limited to specific job titles.

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Career Opportunities

Due to the lack of resources that the NHS faces, paired with the high demand for professionals, there are a number of ways you can progress in your career. Changing or developing on your career is possible, taking different routes that provide you with an abundance of skills and training that enhances you as a person. It is incredibly likely that you will be thrown into the deep end when working with the NHS, allowing for you to mature on professional growth.
After gaining a vast amount of skills through your profession and time with NHS, you are able to expand on your knowledge and potentially transfer into medical research on a topic that takes your interest. For example, you could decide to work on blood transfusion research after working within that department treating patients alongside professionals. You can find a number of medical opportunities by taking a look at Health Careers useful guide on skills and opportunities within medical research.

Although most jobs will require you to have qualifications to work within the healthcare industry, especially when looking for doctor roles, some nursing jobs within the private sector do come with the opportunity to study. Working towards your profession within a business can help you to gain confidence and real-life experience, and in some cases, you can even have these studies paid for. This works well for those that would like to start a career within the private sector, but have little qualifications.

Work Load

It is no secret that those that work for the NHS are often overworked due to a large number of patients and little staff to care for them. For those that are not used to this environment and fast pace work, it can be a little stressful. The demand for emergency treatments and quick reaction times means that you will have to work fast and constantly be at your best. However, it is extremely rewarding, and you can be sure that every day will never be the same. You can find out more about the demand for nurses, and the ways you can improve on your skill sets to allow for more possibilities on Nursing School Hub’s blog.

Unlike public services, the private sector offers a calmer setting. Treatments and operations do not tend to be an emergency, meaning that you are able to take your time to ensure that you are giving patients the best service possible. The calm setting of private health care allows you to focus on your professional growth while still being involved in the job role that you love. This is ideal for those that wish to continue studies and practice their skills on complex diagnosis and treatment.

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Start Your Medical Career

There are an abundance of job opportunities for those wishing to work within the medical profession, whether you choose to start a career in the public or private sector. There are numerous benefits and disadvantages within both sectors, which will contribute to your preferred job that suits your requirements. If you would like to know more about nursing job opportunities, and the many career paths that you can begin today, feel free to contact the Medical-Locums Group team today.

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