NHS Enlists Private Hospitals To Help Fight Against COVID-19

With the number of patients increasing dramatically every day, the NHS needs new beds, ventilators and medical staff to help fight the coronavirus outbreak. To help, an extra 8,000 hospital beds will become available over the next week. This is as a result of an agreement formed amongst the private sector, to reallocate its entire hospital resources to the NHS.

This incredible move means more equipment, such as ventilators and critical beds, have become available. Furthermore, an additional 10,000 nurses, 700 doctors and more than 8,00 clinical staff are joining the health services to help manage and maintain the increase in cases across England.

Being one of the UK’s leading medical recruitment agencies within the private sector, Medical-Locums Group is searching for nurses to help support the overflow of patients during this challenging time. We are doing our utmost to help provide hospitals with skilled nurses to assist.

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