With the current climate in mind, it really has been the dedication of our wonderful healthcare staff that has seen us through this horrendous pandemic. This means that, if you are one of the inspirational individuals who can proudly call themselves a member of the medical field, it is now more important than ever to find ways to unwind while staying updated with the industry. One of the easiest ways to keep in the loop with current events, research and tips from fellow industry professionals is to listen to podcasts.So, to give you some ideas to start with, we have put together a guide of our nine best podcasts for nurses.

Keep In The Loop With The Best Podcasts For Nurses

Having filled healthcare jobs at our medical agency for many years, we most definitely recognise that working as a nurse means that you are always on the go. Having a set schedule seems impossible and working overtime quickly becomes the new normal, which means that most days there really is no time to sit down and read through forums, news channels or newspapers. With a podcast, on the other hand, there is no need to make any changes to your routine as you can pop your favourite on in the background as you continue your day. Whether you listen during your commute to work, during your lunch breaks or while you are cooking dinner, it’s never been easier to stay up to date!

There are absolutely tonnes of nursing podcasts to choose from depending on your mood and what you enjoy listening to. From those that run through daily industry updates to more chatty channels that share funny stories, podcasts are ideal for helping you through even the hardest of days on the ward. So without further ado, let’s take a closer look at our favourites:

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1. The Daily Nurse

Brought to you by Nursecast, The Daily Nurse podcast is one of the most useful tools as it is a podcast for nurses, created by nurses, which means that you will receive only first-hand stories. It has been designed to delve deeper into new topics in the industry, helping others to gain a better understanding of what issue they may be faced with. This involves everything from how new policies may alter the way that you care for patients, to helpful advice for those in the first stages of their career. Not only is The Daily Nurse useful in staying updated, but they are also no more than half an hour each, making listening to a podcast super easy to fit into your day.

One of our favourite episodes in the podcast tells the story of a group of nurses across the pond in St Louis, Missouri, who won an enormous $10,000 on the lottery. Instead of splitting the winnings between them, they opted for donating all of the money to two of their colleagues at the Mercy Children’s Hospital who were in need. What an inspiring gesture!

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3. Mastering Nursing

The Mastering Nursing podcast is hosted by Keith Carlson, who has an extensive background working with those in the medical industry. Not only is he a holistic career coach for nurses, but Keith has also won countless awards as a nursing blogger, public speaker, social media influencer and much more, making this an incredibly insightful listen. The podcast itself discusses a range of topics such as the practical aspects of being a nurse, along with how to maintain a work-life balance and further your career with sub-specialities. This is the ideal podcast for both experienced and student nurses as Keith is regularly joined by some of the leading nurses to share their views.

As the Mastering Nursing podcast is run by the Nursing Degree Database, on the website, you can also find a whole host of helpful information to help you to advance in your career. The searchable database allows you to research further into different prospects that you may want to consider in the future.

Masting nursing podcast

4. NRSNG Podcasts

As the number one nursing podcast series year after year, NRSNG is hugely popular amongst those working as a full-time, student or locum nurse. The brains behind NRSNG are committed to offering as many resources as possible to help nurses to not only pass their training but also feel confident when taking on responsibilities. Their goal is to eventually educate enough healthcare professionals to end the shortage of nurses, making the role as enjoyable as possible without the stress of understaffing.

When browsing through the vast collection of podcasts on NRSNG, you are guaranteed to come across a topic that strikes your interest as they cover virtually every topic that you may need guidance on. From how to improve your grades when working through your nursing qualifications to how to master time management, although most episodes are focused on student nurses, they will most definitely prove useful for those in later stages of their career.

NRSNG Podcasts

5. Nursing Today

As a hugely beneficial option for those in the first stages of their career, the Nursing Today podcast features an array of lectures from the University of Washington. Each episode is brought to you by a leading speaker with a background in the industry, meaning that you know lectures are based on honest, first-hand experiences. They are also recorded in front of a live crowd, so you have the extra benefit of hearing discussions with the audience and questions that others in the same position as you have asked.

The focus of each topic in the Nursing Today podcast is based on evidence meaning that any new information that you learn can be explained and used throughout your course. This includes current topics such as trends in the healthcare industry, as well as best practices for patient safety and how to promote self-care. You can listen to episodes for free over on Apple Podcasts.

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6. Nursing Standard

The popular weekly magazine, Nursing Standard, now has a podcast which includes all of the information featured in their articles. This is the perfect choice for those who have little time to read through magazines, but still want to remain updated with the latest industry news, research and career advice.

Hosted by the editor of Nursing Standard, Flavia Munn, and Dr Richard Hatchett, an experienced senior nurse, the podcast runs through the most recent topics that will impact those working as a healthcare professional in the UK. It is relatively new to the world of nursing podcasts but is most definitely a worthwhile listen for everyone working in the industry. Topics range from tips for students and how you can protect your wellbeing during the pandemic to an investigation into the latest scientifical findings. The best way to listen to this podcast is on the official Nursing Standard website.

Nursing standard

7. Keep Going, Student Nurse!

Life as a student nurse is never straightforward, but even more so now as your first experience in the world of nursing has been during a worldwide pandemic. Those who have recently graduated or are working through their placements have most definitely been thrown into the deep end, which is why many of our podcast recommendations have been for those in the early stages of their career. Our next podcast, in particular, is probably the most honest, motivational explanation of the industry that you can listen to. “Keep Going, Student Nurse!” is brought to you by Gino D’Andrea, a fellow student nurse, who works towards giving those studying for their degree a positive yet balanced insight into the profession. The goal is ultimately to motivate others to power through their studies and begin their career with their best foot forward.

With the “Keep Going, Student Nurse!” podcast, you can enjoy five episodes featuring different guests, making it an easy choice that you can get through in as little as a week. During episodes, guests run through their current role, why they chose to begin a career in nursing and what they would do if they were not a nurse.

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8. The Q Word

Working as an emergency nurse can be one of the most stressful roles in the medical industry yet is often overlooked. The Q Word shares first-hand experiences of two long-term college friends, Nyssa, a trauma nurse and Lisa, who works alongside pre-med university students. Together, they take you on the journey of Nyssa teaching Lisa about the ups and downs of working in the emergency department, covering even the most taboo of subjects. If you are considering a career in a similar field, you’ll be pleased to know that you’ll also pick up a host of handy tips and tricks from the pair.

Not only will you have two years of regular podcasts to work your way through, but also a range from 15-minute catch-ups to over hour-long episodes to fit with the amount of free time you have to spare. On their website, Nyssa and Lisa also share a collection of their favourite podcasts so that you have plenty of inspiration on those to listen to in the future.

The Q word

9. Straight A Nursing

Another podcast recommendation for our fantastic student nurses! The Straight A Nursing podcast explains concepts, procedures and best practices in a way that couldn’t be easier to understand, making it perfect for accompanying your studies. Due to the nature of the episodes, this is most definitely more of an educational podcast rather than those used for entertainment. The episodes will help you to be one step ahead of your course, designed to help the processes of gaining your qualifications as stress-free as possible. You will be able to find the same topic explained in several different ways to fit with your learning style, making it far easier to follow than traditional, complex study guides.

Although this podcast is targeted at those during the first stage of their journey as a nurse, it also comes in handy for those who want to refresh their skills later in their career. Whether you are going back to your studies or simply want to boost your knowledge, Straight A Nursing is guaranteed to prove incredibly resourceful.

Straight A Nursing

10. Once A Nurse, Always A Nurse

We thought we would finish our guide with an all-round podcast that is handy for absolutely everyone in the nursing industry. Once A Nurse, Always A Nurse acts as a forum for nurses, discussing not only the latest issues facing the industry but also the stories of those on the frontline. The weekly episodes hosted by Kathleen Bartholomew, give guests the opportunity to share their honest opinions, tips and advice, sharing how they have been influenced by their experiences. As they are recorded week-by-week, you can be sure that topics will always be based on current events, offering support on issues that you may be facing when you need it the most. Each episode is around one hour long, making it a fantastic choice for those who enjoy in-depth conversations on varying topics.

Once a nurse always a nurse

A Podcast For Every Nurse!

We hope that you are now eager to pop your headphones in and give one of our recommended podcasts a listen. Whether you are heading to work or trying to stay awake during your night shift break, podcasts are an excellent way to use your free time to your advantage. You are guaranteed to find a podcast to fit with your interests, from those that discuss the latest industry changes to others that focus on sharing experiences!

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